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Video Clip Production & Corporate - Event Videography

Our newest series of services is oriented towards image and video production and more specifically we specialize in music videos productions for artists and bands as well as corporate short videos for contemporary and dynamic organizations that wish to advertise their products, actions or events.


Video Clip Production

Our team is specialized in video clip production for artists, bands, djs and performers. We are able to produce and film your video clip based on existing script or even create a production concept to match your music respecting genre or artist identity with the highest image quality output, delivering ready-to-release material.

Corporate video production

Complimentary to our bundle of services is corporate video production and editing which is addressed to all modern businesses and organizations that wish to document and broadcast their activities as well as their products and services through short dynamic videos for television and social media broadcasting.

In more detail, we are able to execute all aspects of production ranging from script, screenplay actor casting and shooting of videos all the way to final editing and delivering ready-to-broadcast videos.

Television and Social media post production

This service is addressed to all businesses and organizations interested in promoting their services and products to a broader audience through television and social media. Rolling out from a creative idea or concept, our team utilizes expertise and state of the art equipment in order to film, produce and edit short length television posts according to your aesthetics and preferences delivering ready-to-broadcast material.

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