Music producer of the past than the present has several variations in progress and developments. Some years ago the difficulty of access to all the information found on the Internet, delayed producer to learn new techniques or to solve problems encountered in the short term. The media was then available, was any books that circulated in other bookstores even those usually veering to the sound engineer production department. Another instrument was the material in magazines that circulated at the time in articles by foreign and Greek music producers more targeted and far more difficult to access or sychnotita.Teleftaia and naturally more expensive as the solution was to follow lessons in a private school, the cost can be painful and often prohibitive, while few schools that existed were strict and rigid curricula mostly specialized in sound engineering at primarily as giving less based on the music production and composition. Over the years, the information and the assistance needed by the then music producer began to appear timidly on the internet, as this came into our lives dynamically and gave him the opportunity to share his skills and the applicable General with people from around the world to exchange views and aftoveltiothei. In this piece also entered dynamically some respectable company which in As isolated advertising video offered with profit in mind of course, everything was looking user promising success and training in each object. Music producer became more prolific requirer less time solving technical questions encountered, and more creative for the sake of technology that allowed him to use sounds and digital instruments that previously did not have available to you did not know other musicians or composers. This whole culture of electronic globalization as described, contributed to more direct distribution of information, and easy access through a simple Internet connection. The natural consequence was the development of musical producers were now rapidly something that previously seemed very difficult in an area closed and specialized as the music industry. The result soon appeared in numbers, since almost every month a new artist name or a new music producer was known record companies did releases much more frequently to channel the very good and most material. Taking a look to the new conditions of the time, it seems that the music producer is now something intermediate between composer and arranger. He alone to compose a satisfactory level the idea of, and capable of siding with instruments and sounds without having to play a natural instrument, and the final form of the idea, the demo that is to be created, is considerably higher than the level and quality production, making the promotion of and the hearing by a record company even easier and friendly to come to produce the final piece of the contribution of the specialized services of a studio. This image and the profile described appears to be full and not really far. It is very pleasant to be able to write home music, or the place that he prefers because they feel better and more comfortable to create. Music producer is youngest, mood and appetite to create, using all methods that can be met through the programs used and the end is almost self-taught! This last is the wonderful and biggest thorn will come across in his career as what he has in mind and wants to translate into music, must necessarily have some assets. They say that they will give a final robust and integrated production worthy of his talent, will offer recognition and success that longs. To see these assets mention must go back in time and Lack of information there. The simple reason, and that is the fact that a music producer is a sound engineer, or at least rarely. Previously, to complete a track, it was the music producer to find a studio environment and using specialized equipment and the contribution of an experienced sound engineer to do the final mix and immediately after the master to be considered ready for release. This process was clearly expensive and usually painful because the track changed structure due to corrections or intervention of specific technical reasons, and the music producer was moving away from the idea originally started to produce. These forced changes many times was so radical derived from the shortcomings and production errors during synthesis. It was an inevitable part of the process often disappoint producer and cut the wings. Today things are quite different and in this part of the music industry as well as saw the producers clearly superior production quality as most are trained having attended some seminars or private lessons, making the studio process easier, fast and less expensive. The average of these new producers usually have equipment on site that offers better quality listening thus facilitating the formulation and production. Thereby avoiding large intervention for corrections during the final mix of the track which is always best done by a distinct sound engineer and preferably specialized in the type of music producer. Of course the whole process should be done in a studio environment that meets the conditions that the final project be commensurate expectations of the music producer, which will appear from the mastering process again from specialized equipment and technical.   – Can anyone become a music producer? The music producer is not as professional as a property, anyone can become a music producer you have the enthusiasm and the desire to create and deal with music.   – I must have computer knowledge to deal with the music production? Good is always to have basic knowledge of use / Y as to make easier the learning of music production programs required.   – I need to know music or an instrument? Knowing musician music producer is essential but not, as one might imagine with sheet music and a lot of theory. There are special courses and private lessons as one can lay a solid foundation to proceed in the future with very good yields.   – I need to have my house special equipment to be able to work? The equipment is basic for music production and you should own the basic parts. If there is not this possibility the process becomes more difficult as there are places at little cost to the mood music production but very few.   – Where can I get advice and help to start? The Internet offers a large enough amount of information and is easily accessible with a simple research. But it is always better to have help from someone more experienced, ideally a professor of music production.   – How much does a music production program, and what is the best? The average cost of professional program by an approximately € 400. The best program is the one that suits everyone and make him feel more aneta.Prin you reach the program you want to use is good to try different programs to come up with one that will satisfies.