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Combining the latest technology of analog sound editing, our sound engineers offer results that bring out the best of your music.



  • Operating with your preference as a main course, Grey Studios Athens puts technology into the hands of the customer. Our sound engineers ensure that maximum analog output is achieved through experience and years of expertise.


  • Our 2 ultra-new studios are suitable and developed in accordance to the guidelines of experts to ensure the perfect sound result and achieve hi fidelity across media, regardless of amateur of professional systems.

Sound Mixing Sound Mixing Άριστη ακουστική απόδοση Genelec 8033 SAM / Genelec 1031A Sound Mixing Sound Mixing Αναλογική υπεροχή Με την εγγύηση της AMS NEVE Sound Mixing Υψηλή απόδοση και αισθητική Κρυστάλλινος ήχος Sound Mixing
Sound Mixing

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Sound Mixing