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Our latest series of seminars is a product of a combination of services already offered to musicians, music producers, djs and anyone wishing to delve into today's music production.

The "Musescore" seminar concerns the innovative music notation program that is available for free and already numbers a huge community of users. "Remix Masterclass" is an exclusive seminar created by Grey Studios with the purpose of demonstrating and introducing the philosophy of producing an integrated remix version of virtually any track available.

The "Artistry by Inspiro" seminar has the creative nature of its name impregnated across its spectrum. The renowned Greek producer puts out as an inspirer fueled with ideas as he cultivates the way of thinking of the contemporary music producer for the purpose of original music production and generation of ideas.



Musescore is a free and open-source musical notation software. The user can write music, listen to it or even download free scores from the internet. The program is in Greek, the translation of which was done by the Department of Music Studies of Corfu. It offers a very handy and flexible working user interface running on the popular platforms of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Its huge user community offers a plethora of free plugins that expand its capabilities. Musescore is used by both educators and professional composers simply because it combines both a very easy, friendly and fast graphic environment as well as high quality output, flexibility and processing speed.


A truly unique seminar for all those who want to understand and learn the art of Remixing in depth, regardless of their level in music production. Remix Masterclass is targeted at Dj’s and producers who want to create their own Remix or enrich their knowledge on the structure and the secrets of a successful Remixed Track.

This in-studio seminar works creatively in experience and learning for a total duration of 12 hours. Over time, the use of sound processors is explained and analyzed on a practical and theoretical level, as well as their use in track remixing. The learner explores a DAW in Cubase and Ableton software and many valuable music production tips and secrets of this art are revealed.

In a simple and yet very effective way, the learner productively works along with Inspiro, who is emphasizing on the learner’s personality and preferences, a very important element in the subsequent creation of his music identity. The purpose of the seminar is to highlight the talent of the musical producer to produce a truly successful musical work and form the the bases for a continuation in the music industry!


This 6-hour personal seminar has been created exclusively at Grey Studios Athens and aims to introduce music production and, in particular, the remixing of music tracks. The learner comes in contact with the music production program of his choice to a level that allows him to use basic functions and to remix his favorite tracks as he imagines.

Through the cooperation with the tutor-producer, the basic principles of music and rhythmic education are demonstrated and analyzed, identification and explanation of the structure of a musical piece is made, and basic components for proper reminxing regardless of the musical genre.

At the end of the seminar, the person concerned is at a point where he can work on musical pieces and capture his personal aesthetic and creative idea in the way he wishes.


All course modules are offered in the form of a particular student-to-student environment and are designed to give the necessary time
for practical training to the person concerned.