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Recording Studio

Welcome to our main suite at Grey Studios Athens ! In this recording studio you will find all the necessary components of success in sound editing, mixing and production as we believe in combination of analogue and digital technology! This room is constructed with the most advanced materials as well as combined expertise from sound engineers and studio constructors to achieve maximum output and sound fidelity.

Mixing - Recording - Production



    Recording Studio | Mixing | Production

    Services provided in our main suite is final sound mixing with analog export through Neve® , producing, vocal and instrument recording as well as production support on your projects.

    • This recording studio designed to provide comfort in an environment suitable
      to accommodate producers, artists, sound engineers and
      any other member involved in production this studio is
      atmospheric and spacious.

    Recording Studio (Main Suite) | Working hours 12:00 – 00:00 Monday to Saturday.

    Recording Studio | Mixing | Music Production