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Discography Services

In accordance to our philosophy in providing full range of options, Grey has creates a set of record labels for the support and promotion of artists who chose to collaborate with our team. Our focus is in the international market through “Grey Records” and the Greek music market through “Gplan Music“.

Record Labels - Discography Services

For Artists who chose to pursue an career in the international market,
focusing on genres of Electronic, pop, dance, trap, house and EDM, Grey
Records offers full range contracts according to individual needs and vision.

  • Through Grey Records we focus on Artists regarding their music production, their name and
    image branding, their social media and we support them in copyright issues as well as their
    music releases.
  • We offer turn-key solutions regarding upcoming releases, in-studio, general preparation for production and support for your work proving hi end equipment and specialized associates
    each guaranteeing top level of output.

For Artists who chose to seek recognition in the Greek music industry
Grey Studios have created a separate record label under the name
“Gplan music”.

  • Gplan Music is a fresh and versatile project aiming to set new market standards for
    musicians, singers, and producers through network team efforts and promising
    collaborations for our Artists.
  • Benefit from our vast amount of options and solutions regarding your music via Grey
    Studios, a large network of collaborators, managers and promo agents who ensure
    support from idea to recording a final piece. Orchestration, recording, mixing, editing,
    management, booking and public relations, all in one project designed for
    Artists in contract with Gplan Music.

Without would be a mistake!

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