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Software Training This private in-studio seminar aims to introduce the music production software to the learner who is trained to use it and utilize many of the abilities provided. Through the full course of this 10-hour (5 X 2-hour sessions) the software’s core functions and many extensions are presented, analyzed and used to create projects as learners are offered extensive practical training which enables them to become more confident in the use of the software.

Since all music production software is built and developed with respect to a certain philosophy and logic, the user is also introduced to musical terms and theory thus enabling him to make use of further options featured by the software. No previous knowledge or entanglement with music is required to attend this seminar, but if such knowledge is owned learners are encouraged to input and use any available extra time to cover more fields towards their better comprehension.

All course modules are offered in the form of a particular student-to-student environment and are designed to give the necessary time
for practical training to the person concerned.