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Our third and final seminar for music production is entitled “Music Production II” and completes the demonstration and use of techniques by building the music producer’s confidence in their utilization within a project. A major field of this 16 hour seminar is orchestration as well as the selection of instruments to complete the production of a project.

Emphasis is also given so that the music producer learns the use of more tools and advanced techniques that enable him to fully translate his idea into a musical piece and focus on producing the top line and various harmonics to perfect his production. Having covered a vast amount of theory and necessary practice in the music production segment, the learner proceeds into discovering recording techniques and processes required to achieve a good quality recording of vocals and instruments as well as the theory supporting these procedures and ways of implementing them into his work.

In contradiction with the rest of our seminars, “Music Production II” can only be attended by students who have also attended “Music Production I” since most of the curriculum delivered is an extension of this first part. This is because the theory of music and many of the demonstrated techniques require prolonged periods of practice and work to be achieved. The goal of this seminar is to enable producers to deliver complete and robust music productions regardless of musical genre only missing final analog mix and mastering in order to be released.

Learners are prepared for their careers in the music Industry with emphasis on their personal preferences and are enabled to work swiftly and in orthological manner when in comes to music production and undertaking projects. After completing this seminar, music producers are strongly encouraged to begin temperament with all new equipment and further expand their fields of knowledge around the art and profession of music production.