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This 14 hour in-studio private seminar has been created exclusively at Grey Studios Athens and is addressed to all contemporary music producers aiming to follow a career in the music industry, regardless of the genre they wish to produce.

A superficial knowledge of musical theory is a prerequisite for learners to attend this seminar, this is so that they may become able to utilize more complex functions of the software used for production as well as training in various techniques which are demonstrated. In the presence of a greater knowledge of musical theory this seminar is formed around the learner’s personal inclination and proceeds into more complex topics such as a more extensive utilization of sound processors (Delay, reverb, equalizers, compressors etc) which are already a part of the basic curriculum and are discussed and demonstrated.

The basic curriculum of “Music Production I” covers the greater part of the theory of music and through extensive practice as well as student-tutor cooperation techniques and secrets of music production are revealed. This seminar is designed to build a firm foundation for a later development in the art of music production and is subject to the extend of musical knowledge of the learner depending always on their personal attributes and talent.

Leading towards the final topics of the seminar the learner has now the critical ability to work with more efficient ways of music production, and the level of output starts to be more dependent on the hardware equipment, final layering techniques, use of samples, recording processes, preparation for final mixing and of course their personal aesthetic in the musical aspect of their projects. By completing “Music Production I” the music producer is able to transform his ideas effectively into well-structured music tracks ready for final mixing and mastering.