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Here you will find the most exclusive services our Company offers in the area of sound design for all modern needs and demands.

The gaming and multimedia market is constantly in pursuit of latest solutions for its customers and Grey Studios Athens is here to provide solutions and sonar ideas for any application or software you are developing. Our team is also available to design sound intended to score filmmakers and assist production with respect to the need of a perfect combination of senses in the final production for the viewer.

Completing our range of services is Audiobook recordings and production, a service oriented towards writers, educational organizations and companies who aim to stay on top of their market evolution.



An innovative exclusive service for writers, publishing houses, and companies that perform seminar circles or engage in educational activities.
Audio books are narrated recorded books, manifests or any kind of written works designed to audibly rendered to the audience. The choice of the narrator is based on the style of the recording, the target audience and the final purpose of the recording. The production of an audio book requires certain technical skills which our team demonstrates and provides, and from the publisher’s point of view certain conditions must be respected upon which we rely for achieving our goal of delivering a great audiobook suitable for any of the customer’s needs.

Below you may find demo videos of some of our audiobook productions for News organization of Kathimerini (Herald Tribune)


The “Podcast” service is aimed at an individual or company that needs to create a podcast. Our specialization since 2017, has made us create a complete team that concerns the perfect execution of the recording and editing. But mainly the creation of original texts or scripts, as well as speakers.

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Modern times require the maximum digital experience when one refers to the sound of a movie, an advertisement post or television commercial. The sense of completeness and the integrated experience relies greatly on the sound that accompanies the image we see.

Our “Film Scoring” services are dedicated to music scoring of motion images and productions with original musical compositions and are mainly oriented to the field of cinematography and short film productions.

Through our experience in music production and composition, we offer ideas and solutions by producing and recording music that focuses exclusively on the image and complements it in order to excite the senses experienced by the viewer.


For the first time in Greece, “OPAP” (Hellenic Central Betting Agency) presented a project of great requirements and unique specifications. Virtual Sports is an all-new and developing market of online betting based on multimedia platforms and is already proving a success in the Hellenic market.

Grey Studios Athens were chosen to undertake the sound recordings and video scoring of this project delivering a successful result featuring great narrations and realistic feeling to this new virtual gaming experience simulating the intensity and anticipation of a great live sportscasting broadcast.


Grey Studios Athens as the first and most comprehensive solution to music production in Greece, offers the ability to score effects of sound for any application or electronic game you design and develop.

Our team members are specialized in the field of digital sound design suitable for your every requirement and purpose, working creatively and delivering realistic sound environment and feeling needed to achieve the complete experience of an electronic game or application.


Our “Sound Design” services are targeted at any video or audio production and offer realism by generating the atmosphere necessary and scoring with sound those points that are needed to better suit the experience transmission of any information.