– The music industry is in free fall, the Internet has replaced the sale of compact discs. What is the future and how this affects the artistic result? NICK BACACOS AND GREY RECORDS AT PRESTIGEMAGZ In recent years, as rightly put it is a fact that the music industry has reduced significantly the pace of production, indicative of this situation is that return fashions and trends of old, the sounds changed little and many renowned artists resort to cooperation between them to to achieve the desired results that will be successful for their audience. One factor, but not great, and it is the free web movement of music which is not yet totally uncontrolled.   Older discs and cd, via their sales were dependent on record companies, artists and performers of works in a very high percentage. The same is true today with other mechanisms as gains attributed properly if you take advantage of the technology at his disposal. In the future we believe and invest in Grey Records will see many new artists to rise and be recognized as most everyone has at his disposal the tools to display and to become widely known to the public, which now has direct access to the job with a click . The equilibrium will change even more and should record companies have their ears open, listen and identify talented young artists are, but also to invest in them in order to have a better and more productive industry.   – Are affected in this way the interests of authors? As the market changes, so do the data with varying results! One of them is possibility of identification of the people behind the curtains and under the scenes who work impartially for the performers that we all know and love. The interests therefore these authors is even more secured because the world, the audience is, now can you be interested to know and judge mcg has worked in every case and with whom he has collaborated on a musical piece that the love of the world highlights as success.   – Young children who have talent and want to chase their dream they can do it after all? It was given me the opportunity to place myself in your first question, it is time to explain how young children can live their dreams just having the necessary talent and the courage to evolve. Take for example a young child who writes music and sings his own songs, or even pieces known Artists. So having just internet access and a camera, a simple microphone or even from mobile, can this new child to raise his work, the production of words in a video player platform, (youtube, vimeo etc.). This information, once they “bumped” is available in public a huge audience in contrast to that previously occurred, it was not easy to approach as a new artist. The most rigorous, honest, and objective arbiter is the audience. An audience without interests or deliberately is what reveals or conceals an Artist, and is what shows the way for new greatest hits ef’ as there is a basis to support a bid, aesthetics to tinanadeixei and quality that will makes it timeless. This is the beginning of a whole logic and philosophy in Grey Records have already been put into practice. Young guys who want to chase their dreams can now display their work around the world and if it is worth to highlight and receive the recognition it deserves!   – What criteria decided artist who will go? In such a question, the only answer one can give, having already analyzed our philosophy, is the resonance. This is the one and only criterion that we in Grey Records yp’ receive consideration when dealing with young artists or even already accomplished that trust us. First role with us always plays the quality of the project and in particular the quality of production, which can only be complemented by our thought out assessment of the impact that we believe will have the artist and his new job required us to promote and showcase . It is time for a bit longer produced in Greece have the same high quality of production enjoyed by foreign artists from their teams. That is why we insist on working together with the Artist-Producer on each piece especially in the final stage of the benefit of a production in order to have the custody of the end result to be distributed on the radio, our partners in the market and on the internet that will it is accessible by the general public in Greece and abroad, especially for foreign language music that we produce and promote.   – Is there a kind of “cutter” It’s real people judge you? As mentioned above, the assessment of the impact of the project, resulting from our partners at all levels and market places, be our judge. Ultimately that is the world, and what he is ready to listen. No one can guarantee success, but can adapt the job market needs and then success becomes a little easier. In Grey Records are well aware of this, and so we work closely with people who are chronically active in the entertainment and music industry, and have knowledge of the market we address. Their feedback and much care to be transferred to the Artist that he knows what to expect from his job when one is released. Usually if the information provided by our partners listening to a piece is daunting, not that Artist propose any necessary changes to help our own work. In any case or collaboration is the norm when talking about new songs, especially by young and talented artists, and it is this that helps to avoid mistakes and bad reviews.  

– What type of music sells  in Greece?

Today in Greece I trust that sells that make sense. By this he means that the listener listens to and buys and enjoys it makes sense for him. To “unlock” or decode the trend of the world is the biggest part of our work, and so the combination of our team brings the desired results. The solution chosen is to divide the items you are promoting two different labels entities (External repertoire / Greek repertoire) that the listener can more easily find and listen to what he wants when searching through music company and not by Artist name. The reason is simple, and that is the beauty of simplicity and the most specific information just given and understood by the listener. It no longer has time to waste and it is advisable to respect all this, especially when we talk about art and particularly as a sacred that is to entertain the world. We can therefore be simple, specific and lean on the information we give to quality we have faith that we are here to be heard, not seen.   – Secrets to success there? All these are factors in success when talking about a record company. The Artists on the other, have their own secrets, everyone forwards as better can not reveal the recipe. Personally I think the success has to do with how one feels inside about what he does. If you like what you do will succeed, you are given. If you love what you do then you will surely remember for a long time. The legacy is love product to what you deal.   – What is different about your own record label from the rest? grey records officialThe Grey is a comprehensive proposal based on love for music. We own studio for our artists but also for anyone who naturally interested to work his music with us, even if not in the Grey Records as we and external collaborations. We also provide consulting services, especially in young children for market share with their ideas. They would think that enough in a record to make a difference but we do not stop there. Between what we call our «Grey Experience» and joking sometimes when you overdo it, it is the package. It is what one experiences once addressed to us for any reason. We feel the need to make him feel that he can do things with us, and still does not know what he wants to follow. We are a group of young people from all different backgrounds, we found and joined almost by chance. This achieved the Grey is therefore create a fresh concept of knowledge and years of experience of each individual. We listened, and listen to market needs and this is reflected in the new designs we implemented a few days ago. We have people who just come to drink coffee and listen with the evolution of his work. We also provide production support music of the artist having among our many excellent producers and sound engineers, everyone kind. All this combination of services resulting from the desire we have to highlight young guys really try to stand out with their job or to help established artists to adapt to the new realities of the market. So that we believe that is our difference and of course one of our strong cards.