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Player Softwares

A great part of the modern dj technical training is the correct use of software and it’s countless possibilities offered by the new and sophisticated equipment, which users can get to know and love as their secrets are revealed. For this reason, we have created a section that includes the 3 most popular playback and mixing programs (Rekordbox, Serato & Traktor), through which their philosophy and function are analyzed in a practical and easy way for all level learners and with application to every kind of musical genre.



Pioneer’s exclusive software is unlocked and demonstrated for the first time, practically for everyone who wishes to be on top of the development. A four-hour demonstration and program use seminar exclusively at Grey Studios Athens, focusing on the use and the secrets of the particular program that works with all cdjs and several Pioneer controllers.


The first and one of the most widespread music players among the dj community, working with many of the market controllers, is the subject of this unique, fast-track and comprehensive seminar. Secrets and advanced features you’ll love and will most definately find useful for the first time are presented in a simple and friendly manner by djs for djs.


The popular program relied on by many djs, for mainly dance and urban music sets, with its high quality built-in effects and capabilities, as well as its stability, is presented and analyzed easily and practically for all level learners.

Player Softwares / RecordBox - Traktor - Serato

All course modules are offered in the form of a particular student-to-student environment and are designed to give the necessary time
for practical training to the person concerned.

Player Softwares / RecordBox - Traktor - Serato