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Through the integrated “entry” seminar of 10 hours, the nature of the equipment and its capabilities are presented and analyzed. The leaner begins to feel the actual conditions of performance while he starts managing the available time and chooses music with criteria that aim at the right sequence of play regardless of the musical genre he wishes to play.

By completing this seminar, learners find themselves at a level that enables them to accurately prepare and deliver live sound sets using many different mixing techniques, regardless of musical genre, and apply any sound effect using the equipment provided. Additionally, learners are introduced into advanced mixing techniques which are described and analyzed through practical training at the next level.


This seminar is recommended to people with experience in the subject as they will be practicing advanced mixing techniques and receive further information about equipment and its capabilities. With emphasis on practical training a great deal of analysis is being performed on issues such as mixing at different tempo and the techniques used for the (up – down – half …) and also performing with transition from one musical genre to another smoothly and coherently (open plan).

An important part of the seminar is also the complete recognition and analysis of the musical scale (tonality) of the pieces chosen by the learner as well as the principles followed for the uniformity of a long-term program. Finally, great use of special effects, accapela tracks and synced play modes (2+ tracks), as well as a first introduction is made to special mixing techniques such as scratching and beat Juggling.


Dj Sparky-T (7X DMC Greek champion), Greece’s most renowned turntablist, delivers a unique 10-hour seminar in which the learner comes in contact with the basic elements and techniques of scratching and beat Juggling, understanding how to create routines and furthermore complete technical sets that can be demonstrated in “DMC, IDA” contests as well as various events. With emphasis on practice, the learner learns to handle turntables as well as CDJ2000nxs in vinyl mode and to dynamically interfere with music in his own creative way.


All course modules are offered in the form of a particular student-to-student environment and are designed to give the necessary time
for practical training to the person concerned.