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Grey Studios Athens have developed a complete round of seminars for everyone wishing to engage in music and entertainment as a dj. Our seminars focus on practicing with the most acclaimed and modern CDJ2000nxs and DJM900nxs in our dj booth, which is also offered for recording - video recording and live streaming services. Through our exclusive dj seminars the learner can acquire the basic and more specialized techniques of mixing, skills required for accurate time management as well as the experience needed to form their own musical identity by delivering a robust technical set also building their self-esteem and character needed to perform.

Seminars are offered at the levels of "entry - advanced & beat juggling" and are addressed to all ages and skill level for learners with or without experience in the field aiming to be the starting point of their course in amateur or professional aspect. Emphasis is given on extensive practice by the student, thus placing strong bases in future succession in the indusrty. At the end of each individual seminar, learners are granted credit to move on to the next cycle, as the modules are separated in a way that is easily understood by leading the learner to develop the skills needed to further evolve.

All course modules are offered in the form of a particular student-to-student environment and are designed to give the necessary time for practical training to the person concerned.