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DJ Stauros De La Cruz

DJ Stauros De La Cruz


Stavros was born in Athens at 1989 and started playing music as an amateur at the age of 15 in various local cafes and bars. His debut season as a club dj was during 2007 at DEKKO club, until 2009 when he became resident Dj of W NIGHT CLUB, a 2000pax capacity mainstream club. Following his success, in 2013, Stavros moved to the next big thing in Athenian nightlife, DreamCity (DC) club, where he still holds his residency until today. Summertime finds him traveling all around Greece for gigs in the most selected beachside and hip venues so keep an eye out for his appearances. Stavros also holds a radio show which is broadcasted for Athens on MAD Radio (106.2) every Saturday (22.00-00.00) and to another 22 radio stations all over Greece, mixing the hottest tracks in sets full of energy. When he is not performing or traveling, Stavros is busy working at Grey Studios Athens, which he founded as a partner in 2014 in order to house the electronica label «Grey Records», a fresh and very promising project. Music production and recordings have been on Stavros’s mind since 2012 when he produced and released his first single « Feel Me» under Sony Greece which instantly became a club hit. Looking ahead in 2015, his plans include the release of 2 original tracks inspired by great artists such as Oliver Heldens , Roul & Doors & Tujamo.

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