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DJ Sparky T

DJ Sparky T


The Sparky T </ strong> is probably the best known Greek turntable-ist, and first presented dj advanced techniques in Greek TV </ strong> through the incidence of Mega Channel in the period 1991- 1993. He was for many years Greek champion of DMC, ekprosopontas our country in the World Championship having also won the 4th place in the world in 1996. </ Strong> he has a rich discography, having worked discography with most of the Greek hip-hop bands like Goin ‘Through, Terror-X-Crew, FF.C </ strong> and more. In recent years worked with Stavento, as the official dj </ strong> and toured with them throughout Greece, but also in America and Australia. These days, he has started working on his first personal album. It is also, the main rapporteur-professor at DJ Course of SAE 10 years </ strong>. He is a member of Trakstars team, who have in the potential number of productions and mixtapes and appearing in many parties throughout Greece. The Sparky with other Trakstars have their own mixshow every Sunday on the frequency of MUSICFM 89.2 (00: 00-02: 00). </ Strong> In the summer of 2015 appeared in the highly successful ColorDayFestival as a member of djteam “GodIsADJ” (along with Anastasio and Menelaus Koutsaki) presenting for the first time in Greek public how to leitourgisei a DJband. </ Strong> is considered as one of pioneers R’n’B – Trap – Urbandjs the country, and has played in many clubs and parties all over Greece. H first recording collaboration with Grey Records is a fact and is representative of Sparky T, so in early 2016 the «Freakin ‘Floor» circulates causing very positive impression in space and the scene has excelled. </ Strong> Since 2016 the Sparky-T is a partner of Grey Studios Athens and the responsible instructor in new and innovative Scratching Turntablism seminars delivered to our students. </ Strong>


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