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Panagiotis Nikolaou

Panagiotis Nikolaou

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Born in Athens in 1989 and immediately showed his love for music since childhood when he started playing guitar admiring and observing known artists. At the age of 7 years he decides to deal more intensively with the guitar by taking lessons with Dimitri Kourzaki. Gradually learn music theory and start now writes his own musical compositions. His first attempt to join a band comes through school groups where starts playing guitar and singing in school events and festivals. While at the age of 15 starts his first professional appearances in shops of the area lived. In 2006 he entered in OD (OPA) through the process of national exams. However he continues to deal more actively with the music. Continuing appearances in stores, completing his studies in classical guitar while working on his own songs in the studio. In 2012 and after completing his military service he met John Toufexi and starts harmony lessons, fugue, counterpoint and composition. Simultaneously starts performances in larger shops so having music as the core of professional occupation. In 2014 begins to appear in White Plate and also starts working with the Grey Studios working his songs. This partnership, a year later, leading to the signing of his first professional contract with G-Plan company. In early 2016 released by G-Plan song “Mainland Purpose” which is his own creation and today, continuing its cooperation with the Grey Studios and G-Plan prepared for the second official release.


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