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Nio March (Andreas Agiannitopoulos)

Nio March (Andreas Agiannitopoulos)



Andreas Agiannitopoulos (aka DJ A – Nio March) became known to the Greek audience with the song “Anazitisi” (Quest) (feat. Sonia), where the original version (with greek lyrics) was in “Stavedo 2”, and the Dub song mix by Adriano Papadea in “Concealed Truth”. The Greek version of the song was selected by DJ Ravin and was included in the world famous “Buddha Bar X”. The same track got a little time later and the cd “Art Deco In Style”. In 2008 the song “Piano Dream” was the most popular in the cd “Mass Mellow”. The collaboration with DJ Ravin continues in “Buddha Bar XI” with the “Piano Dream”, and in 2009 was used in a lot of spots. In the same year released his first personal album entitled “Essential Life” which is located between the tracks and the “Piano Dream”. In 2009 surprised us once again, as we find it and the world famous series cds “Cafe Del Mar” with “Cause song I’m Not Sorry”, but never complacent … The remix that made the famous Royksopp for their song “Tricky Tricky”, until now considered to be one the most beloved … The 2010 – 2013 creates his own record label with O2records name. To 2014 – 2016 is presented with his new nickname (Nio March) and dedicated to the Deep Tech house scene, releasing tracks only abroad illustrious labels global dance scene. O2Records, The Sound Of Everything Deep, Grouper Recordings, Perception Music, Kimbo Records, SP Records, Spring Tube Records, Incepto Music, Bosom Music and FactoryBeat Records, Beatsvoxmelodies, Grey Records </ strong> are some of the labels that He has already worked continuously showing an upward trend. The Nio March has won public confidence and even more they discover day by day, increasing their interest in music.