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Mixalis Tsakiris

Mixalis Tsakiris


Michalis Tsakiris was born in Athens, with the stamp of the music. At age 7 he began studying classical piano and a few years later and started playing guitar, singing and writing his first songs. He many youth groups of his time, while he studied music technology, sound engineering and music production. The Discography not left him untouched all these years, but it bothered him since his teenage years initially experimentally. Thus, in 1994 debuts with LAVMI (LAVrentis, MIhalis), participating in the album ”10 Notes” by FM Records. In 1998 released by Warner Music the personal album titled ” Today you lost ” in which the title track finds great resonance in Athens and province radios. The coming years continues to be active in music, various studio and music scenes without making albums, but always continuing to write songs. In 2012 mature anymore decides to return to his discography. Follows his heart and his childhood dreams and CD “The fate of Donald” by FM Records comes to realize them. In the autumn of the same year with Nadia souffle create their NiMa. Their first project entitled ” Free Fall ” participates in the shadows TOWN Festival and distracts excellent reviews. In the summer of 2014 released by Final Touch / Cobalt the digital single ” The Balkonisi ” which is included in the collection Summer Touch and loved and played by many of Athens and provincial radio stations. In January 2015 in collaboration with a band of Thessaloniki, the hoopoe, influenced by the general climate of the time writing together and released the single “crisis”. In December 2015, released a new full album was titled “The Child” by Gplan Music / Feelgood Records. In May 2016 signed by the production of the first album of vertzi mauve. This time is displayed in musical scenes of Athens and province presenting his songs!


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