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Miss Cherry Band

Miss Cherry Band


The Miss Cherry </ strong>, created in 2011 and consisting of the Constantine Borektsioglou (guitar), Elias Laitsa (drums) and Phaedon Farid (vocals) </ strong>. The style below are in the context of foreign pop and funk music, rearranging known successes and composing their own ideas successfully in their appearances, in recent years consistently constitute their main business as complex. The “Miss Cherry” begin to write and perform their own creations in the late summer of 2011, two of which finally officially released. While appearing in several festivals pop music, causing the appearance of both the young audience and older fans. 2013 on behalf of the MTV EXIT “Miss Cherry” compose and perform the song “False Hope” which is broadcast on all channels of the known network managing to distinguish a clip oF the week. The band takes part in the contest “Straight Forward Bands” where emerging victorious </ strong> among 14 further appearances in 2014. Recently members of the “Miss Cherry” appear on the hit series of ANT1 “The Classmates» </ strong> as a band performing their own music and remixes for the needs of the series. They have also participated in charity events with their last appearance in the Palace Gardens next to Ivi Adamou and leeward and the 10th Lake Party. </ Strong> In 2016 are to sign a recording contract with Grey Records they released their last song entitled “You Left”! </ Strong>


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