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Konstantinos Borek

Konstantinos Borek

Borek music producer and singer


Konstantinos Borek is a popular Greek artist and musician being actively involved in the music industry for over 12 years. He started his professional career as guitarist in 2008 being member of multiple rock, pop, funk bands and has been an experienced record producer, songwriter and musician. Borek is a former member of “Miss Cherry” pop band having performed in live stages all over Greece and having made public appearances on popular Greek TV series. During his career he has collaborated with various artists of the Greek pop and rock culture, many of them being popular on the Greek audience for many decades. As music producer he has composed the main themes of TV Shows including the famous Greek show KITCHEN LAB by Akis Petretzikis, the EUROVISION Countdown show, COSMOTE TV and other documentaries, commercials etc. Since 2016 he is at Gray Studios Athens as a music producer and collaborator, where he independently or in collaboration with the rest of the group undertakes the orchestration and production of music pieces on behalf of Greek and foreign Artists.

Music School

COURSES Konstantinos, as a teacher of music production at the "music school" of Gray Studios, delivers the seminars "Learning a Music Program" and "Music Production 1 & 2" in LOGIC.




O Κωνσταντίνος Borek είναι γεμάτος ιστορίες και μουσικές
Konstantinos Borek: “…Προσπαθώ να είμαι κάθε μέρα δημιουργικός, χαρούμενος, να παράγω μουσική που μου αρέσει και να συνεχίζω τη διαδρομή μου προς τους στόχους μου!”
Ο Konstantinos Borek μεταμορφώνει την επιτυχία «Addicted to You» μαζί με την Kalena

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