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Konstantinos Borek

Konstantinos Borek


Constantine Borektsioglou (Borek) was born in Athens in 1986 and immediately showed his love for music since childhood when he played keyboards with his father. At the age of 15 years decides to deal more intensively with the guitar and taking classes with George Mouloudakis (Orchestra of Colours) teaches music theory and start now writes his own musical compositions. The first attempt to create a band comes through school groups where starts playing guitar and composing original works. In 2005 he entered in IEK Homer specifically focus on music technology in which specializes in arranging and producing music in all major genres, and midi programming which later evolves. Graduating in 2007, his love for music led him to collaborations on stage with too many Greek artists of pop and rock music, and some of the People’s repertoire which supports and studio recordings. At the same time throughout his career he is employed in the studio writing and orchestrating music of Greek artistic, People and pop scene but also music for TV documentaries. In 2011 the contribution of friends, the “Miss Cherry” </ strong> a pop-funk band and Constantine has since been the main stem playing guitar up and participating in the compositions and orchestrations of the songs. The course of the “Miss Cherry” leads him to Grey Studios Athens where Art and signed by the record Grey Records. 2016 located at Grey Studios Athens musician partner where independently and in collaboration with Antonis Skokos assumes orchestration and production music for Greek account and foreign Artists.


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