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DJs HouseTwins

DJs HouseTwins


They first appeared onto the music scene in 2010 and currently the Greek electro duo HouseTwins have rapidly merited a renowned and solid name for themselves. Ever since 2011 and their breakthrough track “Never” feat. Elle, they produced numerous chart topping singles such as “Feeling” feat. Lisa Ray and “The Night” feat. Carlprit and Lio. The summer of 2012 marked the release of Slick Beats, Shaya and HouseTwins collaboration, entitled “Summer’s Αll Αround”, which was used on the TV campaign of Carroten sunscreens, #1 sunscreen brand in Greece. Their 5th single “Don’t Let It Go” was released together with Cristi and their next hit single, “Heaven”, was released in the summer of 2013 featuring the mellow vocals by Chris Kid. At the same time HouseTwins started dreaming big and released their first official EDM single “Rockstar” in collaboration with Sugar Faktory. HouseTwins’ popularity is rising among the fans of EDM music, as their second electro house single, “Alphabet”, was acknowledged by Beatport fans and reached #25 on Beatport’s TOP 100 Electro House Chart. This track is a big room banger, operating with a drum led theme and matching drops the HouseTwins-style. Supported by Jacob Van Hage & Roma Pafos, Emrah Is and others. Moreover, a mash-up series came to life in Fall of 2013 featuring well-known house/dance tracks. With performances, upcoming gigs, mash-ups and big releases throughout the year, the future looks full of sugar and spice, as they’re a proud member of the Sugar Faktory team. in February 2015 their 9th single, titled “Leave It All Behind”. Within a few days from it’s release, entered the official top 100 Greek radio airplay chart! Furthermore “Leave It All Behind” was licensed to “Blanco Y Negro”, the biggest dance label in Spain. No doubt, we are talking about the next big hit. This summer HouseTwins are back challenging Johnny Gerontakis (Ace2Ace) with the electro house track “Guitar Hero”. They show no sign of slowing down with the release of their insanely energetic rework of “Error 404″ by Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway as a free download! Hardway himself has thrown his support behind the earth-shaker and played it on his “Inspire” podcast. They also appeared in every major dance festival in their home country like Dreamland, Lake Party, Break The Rules Party and many more. During these years, HouseTwins have participated in MAD Video Music Awards, the biggest music event in Greece. Their first performance was at the 2012 MAD VMA with Shaya and Slick Beats and their latest one at 2013 MAD VMA with Courtney and Risky Kid. 2015 was an amazing year for this duo, also being the year they moved to their current record label, Grey Records and turning their course towards Europe and the US. Their sound became mainstream and their next hit release in late 2015 “I will be King” was massive. Following up their successful trap release HouseTwins, along with Andy Nicolas composed and produced Color Day 2016 Anthem “Paint The Sky” and performing it live at the festival in front of a 50,000 fan crowd! Summer 2016 tour was an inevitable success and HouseTwins are looking forward to their new track which is a big international collaboration.


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