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Christos Renieris

Christos Renieris

Cristos Renieris


Chris Renieris was born in Syros, where he lived until his student years. From the age of 15 began musical performances as a member of bands that participated as singer and lyricist-composer of the music, especially in artistic and rock scene. As a student in Chios continued to write and compose songs in most erotic style which interprets and at times of impression he made with bands and as a solo artist. In 2003, Chris participated in a musical contest “Legend Music” as author and singer awarded the best lyricist award and best interpretation among 2,500 participants from Greece, Cyprus and Germany. This offered the opportunity to start a course record but he chooses to deal with the scene that characterizes most of that time. The next few years Chris lives and works in Syros when in 2004 he is given the opportunity to perform and interpret the music to produce a documentary of ERT on the island of Syros. In 2011 he starts to work in Athens appearing in various music venues and the city’s shops interpreting more artistic and folk music program knowing the love of the world. His first album in 2016 heard the title “What I find drink” and becomes reality after a series of successful hits and the decision to deal more specifically with the popular repertoire.

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