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Andrew Ser

Andrew Ser

Ανδρέας Σερμπής Ηχολήπτης Μουσικός Παραγωγός


Andrew Serb was born in 1991 in Athens where he grew up. From an early age he showed his love for music, initially experimenting with writing lyrics and discovering the DAWs of the time. He was won over by electronic dance music and made his debut releases on Kimbo Recods. In recent years he has focused on the Trap – Hip Hop – Pop music scene and collaborated with young emerging artists. He graduated from the School of Music Technology & Sound Recording of IEK AKMI and since 2015 he has been working in professional studios as a sound engineer – music producer, undertaking projects with emphasis on Post Production / Sound Design and Engineering. Since 2019 he is officially a member of the team of Gray Studios Athens and specializes in music & audio and post production.

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