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Antonis Skokos

Antonis Skokos


Anthony Skokos was born in Athens and at the age of 5 years initially started with classical piano. The family music tradition starts in 1930 when his parents Father taught classical piano at the Athens Conservatory and the Athenaeum, while they gave concerts to the interwar period. So Anthony learned and loved classical music learning beside them, and the father who played drums in the band Formix State of which was the award-winning Vangelis Papathanasiou.

Growing initially studied at the Athens Conservatory and the Athenaeum – Maria Callas and Onassis Foundation scholarship went to Paris for the next four years. He remained there for another three years at his own expense, wishing to develop their knowledge in the fields of Jazz and improvisation, the film composition (Film Soundtrack Scoring), the counterpoint and Founga.

In studies also included musical text analysis degrees, composition and orchestration classical music and orchestral direction with excellent degree and gold medal. The birth of his daughter marks the return to Athens in the late 1990s, where he starts to compose works for the greatest Greek singers, but also composes some of diachronikoteres successes.

At the same time as a conductor is to conduct orchestras for many of them in their live performances in Athens and other major Greek cities. Travels also giving concerts in America, Australia and Europe with great impact as his career takes off in the space of Greek music.

The Antonis concern is always to compose music for the foreign cinema and so while all the years studio works on projects but also for foreign Companies behalf producing audiovisual programs in festivals.

Since 2016 Anthony is a partner of Grey Studios Athens , where the knowledge and years of experience as an arranger and conductor while continuing his professional path.